--- Title ---
"C'est mon histoire"

--- Singer ---
Maria Castellano

Maria Castellano is one of the youngest and most successful voices in Luxembourg's music scene. She sings in French, one of the three official languages of the Grand Duchy. Still in her twenties, she already has a long musical career behind her. She started singing in a group that performed in parties and other festivities. Some years afterwards, she took part in a song contest, an important U-turn in her life as this participation eventually led to her career as a solo singer. When she turned 15 she signed up her first contract with Carrere record company. Later she gave a series of concerts in neighbouring countries, above all in France and Belgium, before studying classic singing at Luxembourg's Music School for three years. After a couple of small projects in Luxembourg, she released a CD single in 1997, "Perdue" (Lost), which got a lot of airplay in the Luxembourgish radio stations. She has just released her new album "Jamais" (Never), which includes her 1997 hit and eight more tracks.

Her strong emotional voice, clearly showing her Italian origins, mixes up with simple, sensitive lyrics and the result is, as critics in such places as Quebec and Mayotte have stated, a possible rebound of the French-speaking music. The mother of two small children, Maria Castellano has already taken part in the OGAE Song Contest, in 1998, with her song "Perdue". She then got 21 points and placed Luxembourg 20th out of 23 competing countries.

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