--- Title ---
"Yia na mporis
na kratithis"

--- Singers ---

The boyband 'Atmosphere' started their music career at the beginning of the new millennium and consists of three young boys. They took part in many contests and music festivals in Cyprus and UK with many prizes and a big success. The members of the group are Michalis Antoniou (president of OGAE Cyprus), Christos Christofi and Lefteris Moschovias.

Michalis Antoniou was born in Nicosia and studied journalism, public relations and technology of music in Europa College. As a child he took piano lessons. As a composer he took part in many local contests with numerous prizes. In 1999 his song "Pios erotas glykos" qualified for the final of the Cypriot selection for the ESC.

Christos Christofi was born in Famagousta and graduated as a psychologist in Spain but his big love is poetry. He loves writing poems and lyrics. Many of his lyrics took part in contests in Cyprus, England and Australia.

Lefteris Moschovias was born in Larnaca and studied music in Athens University and took his Master in music in Wales. Coming back to Cyprus, he started teaching and writing music for numerous Cypriot singers but for the last two years, he started singing his songs as solo.

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