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Sarah was born in 1978. At the age of 8, she followed a course of classical ballet and at the age of 9, she learnt to play the piano. She made her showbizz début at the age of 11 in a TV musical called "Hé, dat kan ik ook" (Hey, I can do that too). A year later, she played a role in the musical "Bevrijdingsmusical" (Liberation musical) which was played in the famous "Carré" theatre in Amsterdam. At high school, she became the lead singer in the school-band with whom she performed in 2 TV programmes ("Villa Achterwerk" and "Muilen dicht" with Paul de Leeuw). Her band won the school contest "Artistic Interlyceale" twice.

Sarah liked performing in front of big audiences and always knew she wanted to become a singer. She went to the musical school Musical Centre Amsterdam where she was trained in singing, acting, jazz-dance and Tap-dance.

During one of her concerts, she met the Dutch singer Eric Corton who loved her voice and asked her to perform with his band. Later he introduced her to the producers duo Tom Sijmons and Ramon Braumuller.

Sarah's début single "Laat me nu gaan" (Let me go now) was accompanied by a videoclip via Internet (Webcam girl). Her second single "Labyrint" is taken from Sarah's début album which was released in July 2000. This album has been very well received by the audience as well as the Dutch music press and the song "Labyrint" is currently becoming a real hit in the Netherlands.

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