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Izel (her full name is Izel Çeliköz) was born on April 29th, 1969 in Yalova, a city which was completely devastated by the 1999 terrible earthquake. She describes herself as a home lover person who likes spending time at home, watching movies and playing video games.

She had won the three conservatory entrance exams in first position and she graduated from Istanbul Technical University Turkish Music Conservatory, "kemence" being her instrument which is a folk instrument, speciality of Turkey's Black Sea region. She participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 1991 as a part of the trio Izel-Can-Reyhan. In the same year, she joined a duo and made it a trio and they made a very successful album under the name 'Izel-Celik-Ercan'. Izel and Ercan continued alone to make another album and this partnership lasted till they broke up their love affair. In 1995, Izel flew with her own wings and released her first solo album "Adak" which was followed by "Eyvallah" which was produced by Mustafa Sandal and her latest "Bir küçük ask" from which her entry "Yelken" comes. She also participated in many Turkish Eurovision finals.

Izel believes that she performs Turkish classical music songs better than Turkish pop songs. She adores Eric Clapton and Cher from abroad and Zuhal Olcay because of her personality as an actress and singer among the artists in Turkey.

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