--- Title ---
"To kati"

--- Singer ---
Keti Garbi

Keti Garbi has been one of the top artists in Greece for some years. She was born in Athens and started her career at the age of 13. At the beginning she was singing with her sister as the 'Garbi Sisters' but later, both started solo careers. Keti's début record was released in 1987 when she sang a cover version of the song "Saint Tropez". In 1989 she released her first album, "Prova", which became popular very quickly. It was followed by a number of highly successful albums. In 1993 Keti Garbi represented Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest, singing "Ellada, hora tou fotos". Her performance on the stage of Millstreet as well as her revealing dress impressed everyone and she was placed 9th. On the same year, she started her cooperation with Fivos, the composer of "To kati". Keti Garbi is married to the singer Dionysis Schinas and last year she gave birth to a boy.

Discography: "Prova" (1989), "Gialia Karfia" (1990), "Entalma silipseos" (1991), "Tou feggariou anapnoes" (1992), "Os ton paradiso" (1993), "Atofio hrisafi" (1994), "Arhizo polemo" (1996), "Evesthisies" (1997), "Christmas with Keti" (1998), "Doro theou" (1999), "To kati" (2000).

Fivos is the most successful composer in contemporary Greek music. He became well-known very soon and has been awarded many gold and platinum records. Many top singers have sung his songs, e.g. Konstantina (ESC 83), Mando (OGAESC 91 & 93), Despina Vandi (OGAESC 97), etc...

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