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Nylon Beat

In 1996, Jonna and Erin started to conquer the Finnish pop world with their vivacious dance duo. Singles like "Oot Kuin Karkkia Mulle" (You are like a candy for me), "TeflonLove", "Lä lä lä" and particularly "Rakastuin Mä Luuseriin" (I fell in love with a loser) raised the duo quickly to the top. The Estonians' version of that last one ("Armastan ma luuserid") was even chosen to Estonia's most popular song in 1996(!). Nylon Beat's next albums were "Satasen laina" (Loan of 100 Marks) in 1997 and "Nylon Moon" in January 1998.

On Valentine's Day 1998, the girls entered the Finnish selection for ESC with "Umm mam maa", which became the favourite of the OGAE jury and got the 3rd place in total. In 1999, their new album "Valehtelija" (Lier) rose directly to the top of the Finnish list. The song "Viimeinen" (The last one) had a successful video and competed with Marjorie for OGAESC 99. In 2000, Nylon Beat entered the Finnish ESC selection again with "Viha ja rakkaus" (Hate and love), finishing 4th. Again they did not make it for SCC 2000 either. But now, at last, the girl-power duo with nasal voices will be representing Finland in an OGAE competition, with a song from their new album "Demo".

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