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"One and only"

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Deep Obsession

The duo 'Deep Obsession' came to fame in August 1998 with a dance version of Air Supply's "Lost in love". This stayed at the top of the New Zealand charts for several weeks. They went on to write their own material as they felt it was time that New Zealand had their own commercial music scene. Last year's entry in OGAESC, from the group 'True Bliss', overtook them due to television exposure but 'Deep Obsession' worked hard in Australia and more recently in the U.K.

'Deep Obsession' are female vocalists Zara Clark (26) and Vanessa Kelly (24) who were brought together by producer and keyboardist Chris Banks (21). Chris and his friend Michael Lloyd who is an audio engineer were working on their own pop songs and decided to advertise for female vocalists. Thanks to a friend at an Auckland radio station "More FM", they had their talents broadcast. Zara was the first to join Chris and Michael. Zara did advertising vocals for the radio station. Vanessa joined later and they produced their own version of "Lost in love". They then produced their own song "Cold" which stayed in NZ charts for 11 weeks. "One and only" was also a #1 song in these charts. The duo and producers have put much thought and hard work into this venture and the result has germinated into a commercial pop success that can rival any overseas act.

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