--- Title ---
"Kanskje i morgen"

--- Singers ---
Adrian / Bjørnov

The duo Adrian / Bjørnov will be familiar to Eurovision fans, although they were called 'Dollie de Luxe' when they represented Norway in ESC 1984. Initially called 'Dollie', the duo was formed in 1980 when the girls were only 16. The first songs were instant hits, their first album went gold and their participations in the ESC Norwegian selections of 1981 and 82 firmly established them as Norwegian pop stars. In 1984, they returned in 'de luxe' version and won with "Lenge leve livet", which came a disappointing 17th in Luxembourg.

After their ESC defeat, they decided to try a different approach with a blend of rock and opera. Capitalising on Benedicte's vocal training as a coloratura, the single "Queen of the Night / Satisfaction" charted in several countries, as well as the album that followed. This success inspired the duo to write a full-length musical. Following two albums and over 100 concert performances, the operamusical "Which Witch" opened at London Piccadilly Theatre on 22 October 1992, with Benedicte in the leading role and Ingrid as musical director. Slaughtered by the British press, the show flopped dramatically.

The mid-90's were spent touring with a new musical. After that, their work as a duo gradually gave way to various solo projects. Both also took time to get married. Their 1999 album "Adrian / Bjørnov" was to mark a return to duo work, but the release was completely overshadowed by a bitter court fight over money with their former manager, in which the girls lost.

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