--- Title ---
"Did you tell him?"

--- Singer ---
Eleanor McEvoy

Eleanor Mc Evoy started her music career at the age of four when she began taking piano lessons. She had a passion for classical music and also studied the violin. She attended the prestigious Trinity College in Dublin where she studied music.

She made her début in the contemporary music sphere in 1992 with her song "Only A Woman's Heart". The duet, sung together with Mary Black, was Ireland's 1992 entry in the OGAE Song Contest when it came 5th. It inspired Ireland's best selling album - the "A Woman's Heart" anthology - and earned Eleanor the Irish Recorded Music Award for Best New Artist of 1992. She released her début album in 1994, the self titled "Eleanor Mc Evoy" on Geffen and achieved radio hits with "Apologize" and a re-recorded version of "Only A Woman's Heart".

In 1995 Eleanor performed in Dublin in front of 80,000 people gathered to welcome Bill Clinton. By 1996 she had made a name for herself in America with the release of her second album on Columbia Records, "What's Following Me?". 1999 saw the release of her "Snapshots" album, critically acclaimed as her best work to date. She collaborated with Rupert Hine (who has worked with Tina Turner and Stevie Nicks) to record "Snapshots". Eleanor calls herself a songwriter first and foremost and her goal was to make "Snapshots" her most song-oriented effort to date.

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