--- Title ---
"What you want
is what you get"

--- Singer ---

Chiara's musical career really started on a local level in the mid-nineties. 1998 was a very important milestone in Chiara's career. An international panel voted her single "The One That I Love" as the overall winner in Malta's Song for Europe Festival. The single stormed the local scene. It sold more copies in Malta than international hits by top artists such as Céline Dion and Andrea Bocelli.

Chiara was thus singled out as Malta's representative in the long-established Eurovision Song Contest of the same year, held in Birmingham, UK. It was, by far, Malta's best ever experience at the ESC. After her successful performance Chiara was congratulated by the President and the Prime Minister of Malta and also openly nominated for Malta's highest civilian award, the "Republic's Honour Medal". She was also awarded "Best Female Singer" in the prestigious Malta Music Awards and her song was also awarded as "Best Selling Single". Quite an outstanding start to a flourishing career!

Her first album "Shades of One", released in January 1999, was immediately sold out. During autumn of 1999, work started on Chiara's second album "What you want" which was launched on the 31st May 2000 in Malta.

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