--- Title ---
"Ko bo prisel"

--- Singer ---
Tinkara Kovac

Tinkara Kovac was born on September 3rd 1978 in the Slovenian coastal town of Koper. She has shown her musical talents at a very early age and appeared at a popular radio and TV children's show at the age of 10.

After graduating from high school she continued her studies at the musical conservatory Giuseppe Tartini in Trieste/Trst (Italy) which she successfully accomplished in the autumn 1999, thus becoming "professor for the flute". Her first attempt at EMA (Slovenian pre-selection for the ESC) in 1997 wasn't very successful. At the EMA 99 she was the only serious threat to Darja Svajger's "For a thousand years"; she even got more calls in the televote than the actual winner. Her second CD "Koscek neba" (A piece of heaven) was released in October 1999 and very quickly turned gold. This year Tinkara received 4 Golden Roosters (Slovenian equivalent to Grammies). Currently she's studying translating at the Ljubljana University; she's fluent in 6 languages.

Sergej Pobegajlo has been a professional musician for many years and has played in many groups, most recently in the backing group of Vili Resnik (ESC 98). He had written songs for several Slovenian performers. Currently, he is trying his luck in the United States.

Zvezdan Martic is electric engineer by profession but he's more known for his journalistic work, preparing many documentaries for TV Slovenija, especially in the field of computer science. He is also Tinkara's manager (and boyfriend).

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