12/15 On December 15th, 21:00 (local time in France), the contest will be aired on this site. The show can be reached by the "purple page".

08/20 August 20th is the deadline for receiving the CD record of your country's entry by Jean-François Lermé, general coordinator of the contest. Keep in mind that all the rest of the material (informations about the song and the singer, lyrics, picture of the singer, etc.) can reach him by e-mail: ogaesc2000@wanadoo.fr.

07/14 The drawing of lots for the 2000 OGAE Song Contest took place by phone simultaneously in Châlette (home of the French OGAE club, near Orléans) and in Marseille. Its result is available at the top of this page.

By clicking here, you can see what the French organizing team looks like...