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Romana is a Portuguese singer that sings since her 5 years old. In 1997, she recorded her first album "Bébé" (Baby) that became quickly successful in Portugal and got during some weeks the #1 of the Portuguese charts. Then, in 1998, Romana's second album "Não és homem p'ra mim" (You're not the men for me) got the same success as her first one, staying during 12 weeks in the national Top 10. In 1999, Romana made her third album that climbed up again until the #1 of the charts.

"Ex-mulher (Ex-amor)" (Ex-wife, Ex-love) is the song chosen by OGAE Portugal to represent that country in the OGAE Song Contest 2000. This is a song really Portuguese where we can admire the vocal strength of Romana. Today, with twenty years, Romana is a big pomise in the Portuguese music. Bold and very young, she's the Portuguese voice in Paris.

Ricardo is the lyricist and the composer of the participating song, and since 1990 he's responsible for almost all the successes of the Portuguese music. He found out high and excellent voices in the musical Portuguese panorama. Ricardo represented Portugal at the ESC in 1989 (Lausanne, Switzerland) as he was one of the members of the group Da Vinci with the song "Conquistador". Since then, he made great successes for the best voices of the Portuguese music!

Visit Romana's official webpage at www.agata.pt/romana.

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