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Goca Trzan

Goca Trzan was born in 1975 and is from Belgrade. In 1994 she became a leading vocal in one of the most famous dance groups in Yugoslavia, 'Tap 011'. They released 4 CDs and very soon 'Tap 011' became the most popular group in its category. Their songs were always ranking high in the charts with a lot of airplay.

Two years ago, Goca decided to start a solo career. She met composer Nenad Stefanovic-Japanac who composed most of the songs on her new album "U niskom letu" (In low flight). That marked the beginning of her brilliant success. Soon her songs "U niskom letu", "Stoperka" (Hitch-hiker), "Zagrli" (Hold me) distinguished herself on the music scene in Yugoslavia. Her new CD was spotted as one of the best on the national pop music scene in the last few years.

Goca easily won the first place in the Yugoslav selection for OGAESC 2000, with a 30 point-margin ahead of last year's winner, Svetlana Ceca Slavkovic.

"Stoperka" is a sensitive song about a girl who tries to run away from everything after losing a dear person. Asked about her song, Goca often says that we all are "hitch-hikers" at least once in our life.

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