--- Title ---
"Sól, ég hef sögu
aò segja pér"

--- Singers ---
Sálin Hans Jóns Mins

'Sálin Hans Jóns Mins' (meaning "The Soul of My Dear John") started their career in 1988 playing soul music. The name of the group is taken from a well-known story by Icelandic writer Daviò Stefansson, about a woman trying to get her husband into Heaven. The members of the band are Stefan Hilmarsson (vocals), Guòmundur Jonsson (guitar), Friòrik Sturluson (bass), Jens Hansson (saxophone) and Tomas Johanesson (drums). The former is well-known for his participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 1988 (as part of the duo 'Beathoven').

in 1992 'Sálin' got four songs that reached #1 position in the charts. Some of their songs are regarded as classic pop songs in Iceland. The group is now one of the oldest ones in Iceland but is still one of the most popular Last year, they made a huge unplugged concert and released a CD from it which sold quite well. They are planning to release a new CD album for Christmas.

The song "Sól, ég hef sögu aò segja pér" (Sun, I've got a story to tell you) is the one chosen to represent Iceland for its first participation in the OGAESC. It was very popular this Summer in Iceland and reached the top of most charts. It's not a dull love song but a quite sad song. The lyricist is unknown because he/she uses a secret name, "31.februar". Many people believe it's Stefan Hilmarsson but then he usually puts his own name so...

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