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"Fare l'amore"

--- Singer ---

Mietta was born in 1969 and took part in the selection for the Sanremo Festival in 1988 but her songs were not accepted. In 1989, she again took part in Sanremo and this time she won the Newcomers' competitions with her song "Canzoni" (Songs). In 1990, she again took part in the Sanremo Festival with her song "Vattene amore" in duett with Amedeo Minghi. The song ended up third in the competition (but was first in the Italian charts for many months) and won the 1990 edition of the OGAE Song Contest, in Norway. Mietta was again present in the Sanremo editions of 1991 and 1993 and also had some acting roles in films and TV series.

Mietta participated in the 50th edition of the Sanremo Festival which took place in February 2000 but her song "Fare l'amore" only reached the 13th position in the competition. However the song, a warm and catchy love song, with Mediterranean and Arabian tunes, later had a great success in the Italian charts which comes to prove that the so-called Experts jury's verdict in the Sanremo Festival is very different from the people's one.

"Fare l'amore" won the Italian selection for the OGAESC by defeating other big names of the Italian music scene: Matia Bazar (2nd), Paola & Chiara (3rd), Alice (4th), Ivana Spagna (5th) among others. This year the Italian selection had a 2-round procedure, the first one was made up of an international jury and the second, of an Italian one. Mietta came first in both rounds.

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