--- Title ---
"Svarta Änkan"

--- Singer ---

Nanne Grönvall (maiden name: Nordqvist) was born on May 18 in 1962, and says she always has been interested in music. Her first band, MTV, was formed in the late 70s, but did not get any break and soon disbanded. Her record début came in 1985, together with the group Sound Of Music, which she joined after Peter Grönvall and Angelique Widengren had put an ad for a singer in a local store. The title of the song was "Underbart är kort" (Wonderful things don't last long).

In 1992 Nanne and Peter decided to get married and the same year they formed the group One More Time together with Maria Rådsten and Therese Löf. In 1992, both of the latter took part in Melodifestivalen with songs written by Peter and Nanne, coming 3rd and 6th respectively. In 1995 Peter, Nanne and Maria co-wrote "Det vackraste", which Cecilia Vennersten took to 2nd place in Melodifestivalen and finally in 1996 Peter, Nanne and Maria won the contest as One More Time, giving Sweden a 3rd place in Oslo with "Den vilda".

In 1998, Nanne went back to the Melodifestival-scene with "Avundsjuk" (Jealous) dressed up as a female version of Star Trek's Mr. Spock. The song came 4th but was a big hit and a critically acclaimed album called "Cirkus Homo Sapiens" followed. "Svarta Änkan" (in which a non specified woman is described like the Black Widow spider, that kills and eats the male after the mating) was submitted for the 2000 Melodifestival, but never managed to slip through the needle's eye. It has been a radio hit in Sweden during the summer.

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